Hi, I’m Dawn!

I'm the owner and founder of Twilight Dawn, and so thankful you've taken the time to visit. There are so many spiritual wellness options available, and what I offer is unique and authentic. To understand what I do, it helps to know a bit about me.

I am a hereditary indigenous medicine worker and mystic who has communicated with the universe all my life. Since childhood I have had the ability to operate in the unseen spiritual world. As a natural shaman I inherited many abilities including: the capacity to heal the soul and body, conduct work in past times and lives, remove negative energies, read and balance the energetic body, act as an open channel, and to conduct myself as a psychic and medium. I studied indigenous and pagan philosophy and ritual extensively. I am also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an ordained Interfaith Minister.

I worked professionally in human resources management for 14 years plus an additional 7 in legal management previously. I have a Master’s degree in human resources management with an emphasis in engagement. Working in these fields refined my skills in counseling, coaching, mediation, organizational change, educational development, and training. Additionally, I specialized the business aspects of people management. 

My work today blends innate abilities and interests with my formal training. I partner with clients to help them remove roadblocks to joyful living. I do this through practical and intuitive coaching, spiritual counseling, energy based + indigenous healing, education, and ceremony.