Twilight Mermaid Healing


Twilight Mermaid Healing is a joint venture between two dear friends, Justina Aura and Dawn Jimenez. Both women are hereditary mystics gifted with healing and psychic abilities. When working together, they deliver powerful spiritual restoration and intuitive messages to clients.

Unique to this team is the dual modality method of Soul Healing Through Sound and Touch. In these sessions Justina provides gentle, consent-based, hands-on blessings through angelic song as Dawn moves energy vibrationally through drumming and harmonizing.

Twilight Mermaid Healing can be found as a pop-up at various San Diego venues. They offer spiritual retail though their respective businesses; Twilight Dawn and Mermaid Tailoring & Accessories. Visitors enjoy the opportunity to receive intuitive readings, guidance, healing, relaxation, and intention filled jewelry. You will also find special, co-created items such as blessed sage bundles and magical fragrance.


Justina Aura, Mermaid Tailoring & Accessories

Justina is an empath, healer, and clairvoyant who creates powerful manifestation jewelry. She blends her formal education in design with her ability to channel energies. This results in visually stunning pieces that assist the wearer in meeting life’s challenges. Each item is intuitively hand crafted using natural gems, metals, and antiques; then is given a specific blessing that can be felt upon touch. She is also a powerful reader who sees deep into the mind and soul, delivering accurate and detailed advice. These readings are offered free of charge with the purchase or commission of one of her pieces. Justina is a co-founder of Sacred Spirit Healer’s Market and was its manager until March.  She was also featured in SD Voyager last fall, here is a link to the article: 

Dawn Jimenez, Twilight Dawn

Dawn is a Physician of the Soul. What a medical doctor does for the body, she does for the spirit. She diagnoses, aligns, removes pain, and rehabilitates on an energetic and spiritual level. This is accomplished through her abilities as an oracle, healer, counselor, and educator.  She is known for using a unique and authentic blend of intuitive shamanic techniques, sound and aromatic therapies, reiki, coaching, and counseling. Her treatment plans are designed to heal the energetic body, strengthen the soul, clarify thoughts to help clients to find peace and greater resilience. Thus, they are able to accomplish their life's work effectively and joyfully. Dawn also facilitates circles and classes, conducts ceremony, and offers a line of spiritual retail items that are reiki infused and shaman blessed.