Shamany Goodness All-Over Butter- Lemony Dreams- 4oz

Shamany Goodness All-Over Butter- Lemony Dreams- 4oz


Lemony Dreams: a lemongrass, lavender and vanilla blend. Created with aromatherapeutic calming and relaxation in mind.  

Handcrafted from all natural, organic ingredients and essential oils, these butters are vegan, gluten-free and highly emollient. If your skin is dry or sensitive these are for you! 

Each blend contains: shea butter, jojoba, cocoa butter, coconut oil, cupacu butter, rosewater, and essential oils.

Without chemicals or additives, these rich All Over Butters can be used almost anywhere- including your hair and face. Using a small amount, they melt into your hands and provide hours of hydrated, soft, smooth skin. 

Shamany Goodness is a little different from your average body butter- without preservatives and chemicals, refrigeration is recommended to prevent melting and separation; and to extend the life of the butter. Think of it as food for your skin!

Each jar has been Reiki infused and Shaman blessed to help you connect with your intuition and to embrace the best version of yourself.

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