I am a Physician of the Soul.

I have often been asked “how is it possible for you to heal someone?" My response is always this: It is not I who heals another, but the individual that heals themselves.

If one has a broken leg they would go to a medical doctor. An x-ray would be taken, the bone set, casting, medicine dispensed for the pain, and even surgery if needed. However, ultimately, it is the patient that heals themselves

I serve a similar function. Only I diagnose, align, treat, remove pain, and rehabilitate on an energetic or spiritual level. I am honored to facilitate healing. However, in the final analysis it is always a partnership.

It is important to remember, that the soul is like the body in that a single visit will not "fix" an issue. This type of healing is deep, requiring commitment over time. For this reason these appointments are offered in packages. Such an arrangement allows time for growth, reflection, integration, assessment of progress, and re-direction if appropriate. 

 Spiritual Healing & Realignment 

Healing and Realignment Sessions are conducted in sacred space. Such creation of an emotionally and spiritually safe place enables the healing to occur in a state of comfort. In our initial meeting I will assess your spiritual and energetic needs and while discussing your desired outcomes. I will then tailor a spiritual treatment plan unique to you.

The content of each session varies according to your current needs and progress.  Most appointments include a combination of therapeutic talk, spiritual counseling, practical + intuitive coaching, and soul healing techniques.  

What Methods May Be Used?

  • Spiritual Counseling: This is similar to advising you might receive from religious clergy, without being tied to a faith. I also incorporate oracle cards and information received as an open channel that is provided to you as guidance.

  • Coaching: Utilization of vocalization, tapping, releasing exercises, journaling, clarifying questioning, and action plans.

  • Soul Healing: General techniques include reiki, energetic movement, chakra alignment, or crystals. Advanced techniques include pain pulling, cord removal, energetic purging or retrieval, past-life journey, and historical re-set.

  • Aromatic: Smudging with sage, palo santo, herbs, or use of essential oils.

  • Auditory: Guided meditation, music, natural sounds, and drumming.