Educational Opportunities

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Usui Reiki Certification

Reiki is a form of gentle energetic healing originating from Japan. Using the life force energy shared universally among all beings, practitioners are able to facilitate healing. Practitioners can be trained, attuned, and certified to 3 levels of this tradition. Each level increases the abilities and proficiency in delivering reiki to others. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Dawn offers education and attunement at all levels.

Course Offerings:

  • Reiki 1 for Personal Practice

    This class is designed for those who would like to enhance their self- healing and to be able to provide healing support casually to friends and family. Offered as a single-day course participants receive basic education on the history and administration of Reiki and are attuned to level 1. Investment: $125

  • Reiki 1 + 2 Plus Healership

    This training has been developed to provide enhanced practical education for those considering offering Reiki in a professional setting or who would like to have a deeper understanding of its principals. This program delves into the history, theory, values, and administration of Reiki from the perspective of the healer. Delivered over 9 weeks, participants are guided in creating a personal practice of Reiki, receive attunements to levels 1 and 2, and are instructed how conduct themselves as a compensated practitioner. Investment: $350

  • Reiki Master Course

    For those attuned to level 2 for and desiring to deepen their commitment to Reiki, the master course allows attunement to the highest level of Reiki available. In addition, participants receive feedback to enhance and/or brush up on current skills, learn how to attune and teach others, and are introduced to advanced techniques. This course is conducted over a 3 month period. Prerequisites: level 2 Reiki attunement with 6-12 months continuous, regular practice at this level. Completion or the 1+2 Plus Healership or demonstration of equivalent knowledge. Investment: $450

Classes are now forming and one on one instruction is available as well. Send a message through the link below to arrange this training.


Owning Your Intuition Intensive

Have you wanted to build a deeper connection with the universe? Are you interested in healing, crystals, card reading, mediumship, or another intuitive or metaphysical practice? Do you wonder what your gifts may be?

In this 8 week intensive you will have the opportunity to identify and become comfortable with your natural intuitive and energetic capabilities. You will also learn how to work safely with confidence, universal spiritual principles, and how to build a well rounded personal spiritual practice.

Previous experience is not required. This coursework is offered in group and individual formats according to your needs. Participants who complete this intensive often use what they learn to emerge as intuitive practitioners and/or feel called to pursue an indigenous medicine/shamanic apprenticeship.

Send a message through the link below to find out more or to register.


Group + Individual Instruction

Classes and opportunities to enhance your spiritual knowledge are offered on an ongoing basis. This includes courses such as divination, meditation, and the chakra system. Events such as drum circles, healing clinics, and community opportunities are also available to support your growth. Please visit the event calendar to see what’s coming up!

Instruction on spiritual concepts, ritual, self healing, and how-to’s are available. If you would like to learn one on one about a topic not specifically offered as a class, or a topic not offered at this time an educational consultation is an excellent option. These can be conducted at the Twilight Dawn Healing Space or through video chat. You can book a consultation using this link.


For those called to pursue indigenous medicine/shamanism apprenticeships are available individuals who have completed the Owning Your Intuition Intensive or who are able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge. Each apprenticeship is individually tailored; therefore, the cost, length and content varies for each person. All apprenticeships require a long term commitment and contain components of education, service, and commitment to personal healing. For more information on participation send a message through the link below.