Conscious Business Consulting


What is it?

The idea behind the conscious business is that the same spiritual principles used on a personal level can be applied in a business setting. While the obvious spiritual overtones may not be incorporated; ideas such as balance, use of energy, emotional intelligence, engagement, mindfulness, equitable treatment, personal awareness, and the peaceful & harmonious workplace is infused into the organizational culture.

What is the benefit?

Some of the benefits of taking a consious approach to business are:

  • Happier and more engaged employees

  • Reduction in employee turnover

  • Reduction in disciplinary interactions

  • Greater cohesion among teams

  • Stronger connection to clients and the community

  • Leadership is enhanced and more effective


What is Required?

For an organization to move to a conscious buisness model there must be commitment from leadership to revise policies, practices, and culture.

This includes interactions between leadership/supervisors and employees, among line staff, and the relationship and expectations between customers and the organization. It also requires a commitment to change that is authentic and profound.

How does it work?

The process begins with a consultation between me and top leadership in an organization to determine needs, desired outcomes, timelines, and process.

If this is an established organization I will then review current policies, poll and meet with employees at all levels, and prepare an education and cultural change plan tailored to the identified needs. I will also provide support and advice with implementation.

For a new ventures I will provide education on leading a conscious business and recommendations on policies, procedure and structure.

Why Twilight Dawn?

With over 15 years in the human resources field; specializing in management, employee engagement and organizational change I understand the requirements for successful business outcomes. I am also tuned in the challenges organizations are facing internally. The hundreds of advisory conversations I have had with employees, supervisors, and managers signal the need for a meaningful cultural shift.

My advanced understanding of mindful and esoteric thought combined with my experience, advanced education, and passion for supporting people through change make me uniquely qualified to support organizations in this type of cultural change.